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SEE-Tech Solutions pioneered in delivering over 20% Energy Savings in commercial buildings, which majorly contributes to 56.1% of world’s Energy Consumption. As one unit of Energy saved is equal to 2 units of energy generated, this activity has potential of avoiding generation of 2015 MToE, as world’s total energy consumption is 8979 MToE.
Commercial buildings include Shopping malls, Multiplexes, IT infrastructure buildings, Large office buildings, etc.

Strategic Solutions

  • Bill reduction utilizing tariff related issues.
  • Optimization of Chillers, Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units.
  • Use of Energy Efficient Lighting.
  • Heat Load reduction of building.
  • Exploring use of Solar Photo voltaic modules and Solar water heating.
  • Improving efficiency in water pumping systems.
  • Spark Mall, New Delhi
  • W Building, MADC, MIHAN, Nagpur
  • Air Conditioning : 20%
  • Building equipments : 12%
  • Computers, fans, UPS : 10%