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SEE-Tech has carried out energy use analysis in more than 100 steel industries varying from micro industries to large scale industries. Steel industries are highly energy analysis intensive industries and processes are highly inefficient and non-standard. Profitability of these industries largely depend on energy costs. It is therefore very important to evaluate and identify the scope for energy efficiency.

Strategic Solutions

  • Collect primary data to find out energy usage.
  • Study the existing plant process.
  • Carry out measurement and observations at all required locations.
  • Evaluate all the EE options available.
  • Recommend the best techno-economic options available.
  • Viraj Alloys Ltd.
  • Magna Industries ltd.
  • Ramsons Castings

Outcome of study at one of the steel industry :

Observation :

  • Major electricity is consumed by induction furnace which is about 62.14%.
  • Minimum electricity is consumed by grinders which are about 0.10% only.
  • Other electricity consumption is about 4.57%, in these mold conveyor, magnetic motor, knock out section are included.

Proposed EE Interventions :

  • Production Planning and Control
  • Lid on Furnace
  • Charging with Charging Bucket
  • Use of hand blower for cleaning instead of Compresed Air
  • Use of Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Total Savings : INR 4.52 Lacs/annum
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