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Lets Conserve™ is a knowledge-based web enabled software for energy conservation which is empowered with the services from field persons & energy efficiency experts for maximizing & sustaining energy cost reduction.

Lets Conserve™ ensures complete supply chain of energy management. It starts with knowing where we are (baseline energy consumption and energy cost) to where & how we can reach (energy saving potential and path way to arrive at it). It carries out cost-benefit analysis for identifying best possible energy saving measures and technologies (over 150). It then carries out vendor identification (from a approved list of over 100) & selection for implementation. EC Projects are implemented in our expert guidance. For every measure monitoring & verification of the savings is carried out.

Strategic Solutions

  • Detail information about your energy consumption and its cost.
  • Detail design and operating information of all electrical and thermal utilities.
  • Evaluates present performance of your utilities and major equipments; enables regular testing of energy performance at plant level.
  • Draws your energy picture (Visualization of section wise Energy Balance of Electrical & Thermal Energy).
  • More value added log sheets to analyze on-going efficiency, specific energy consumption, identification of loss points so as to take timely action.
  • Setting up targets for achieving specific energy consumption (SEC) by comparing present SEC with benchmark SEC.
  • Industry wise Best Practices.
  • Identification of energy conservation measures & their potential.
  • List of approved suppliers and technology providers along with their proposals for identified measures.
  • An effective and tailor made Monitoring & Verification system for various energy conservation measures.
  • Energy Monitoring : At Plant, Section & Equipment
  • More Productive Log-Sheets (Tailor made) : Tri & Co-generation, Boilers, TFH, HWG, HAG, Electrical & Fuel Fired Furnaces, DG, TG, Capacitors, Compressors & Compressed Air System, Chillers, Refrigeration Systems & AHUs, Pumping System and all other utilities
  • Electrical : Tariff related all issues (PF, LF, MD, TOD & Others), Transformers, Motors, Air Compressors, Pumps, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System, Cooling Towers, Lighting, Fans & Blowers
  • Thermal : Fuel Fired Furnaces, Boilers, TFH, HWG, HAG, Driers, Vapor Absorption Chillers
  • Readymade plant’s/establishment’s energy information (energy balance) on click of button.
  • Effective tool to understand and monitor your present energy bill.
  • Draw the energy picture of your plant.
  • Evaluate the performance of your utility equipments on daily basis.
  • Generate baseline specific energy consumption for your utilities
  • Get targets for specific energy consumption for major energy consuming equipments.
  • Identification of energy conservation measures and technologies.
  • Get list of similar case studies of successful projects.
  • Generate approved list venders and technology providers along with their case studies.
  • Monitoring & Verification of energy savings for your projects.

And a lot more….