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Energy consumption of electric motors is significant and contribute a large share of electricity consumption in the industry. Hence it is important to save energy is reducing the energy consumption of electric motors. As the energy consumption of electric motor is depending on the efficiency value, therefore by increasing the efficiency value the energy consumption will reduce. This can be achieved by using Energy Efficient Motors (EEM). EEM’s are the ones in which design improvements are incorporated specifically to increase operating efficiency over motors of standard efficiency. Design improvements focus on reducing intrinsic motor losses. In keeping with the stipulations of the BIS, energy efficient motors are designed to operate without loss in efficiency at loads between 75% and 100% of rated capacity. This may result in major benefits in varying load applications. Also, EEM’s have lower operating temperatures and noise levels, greater ability to accelerate higher inertia loads and are less affected by supply voltage fluctuations.


Our Approach

  • Motor load survey.
  • Check combined efficiency of the motor, driven machine, and controller (if any).
  • Short listing motors for replacement with Energy Efficient Motor.
  • Identification of best fit Energy Efficiency Motor.
  • Monitoring & Verification of savings is done as per International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (“IPMVP”).

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