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You cannot control what you don’t monitor. Any energy conservation measures taken are incomplete unless proper energy monitoring system is in place. At SEE-Tech, in addition to modern automated systems of energy monitoring offered by reputed instrumentation & automation brands, round the clock monitoring in person, wherever required is done by our young energetic team. This unique feature differentiates us from others.

Energy Monitoring can be done using energy meters installed at site on strategic locations, remote monitoring is now possible due to wireless meters. We also use our online softwares for evaluation of energy usage.

Strategic Solutions

Reduction in Contract Demand : 185 KVA
Savings achieved in 7 months : Rs. 7,50,175
Project dione : Load factor analysis

  • Study facility details, applicable electrical tariff and average energy consumption information.
  • Record monthly Electricity Consumption (MD, Billing Demand, PF, KWhr Consumption, Demand Charges, KWhr Charges, Monthly Bill).
  • Provide Manual as well as link with Online Meters for Real Time/Shift wise/Daily recording of KWhr, KVARh; Monitor Power Failure.
  • Report generation for daily and monthly PF, KWhr and KVARh; Monitor daily Specific Energy Consumption against benchmark.
  • Taj Group of hotels (12 locations)
  • Jog Hospitality Group
  • MTNL