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Reduction in Chiller power consumption by installing & programming dynamic controller on chillers based on varying weather requirements. Function of chiller is to extract heat load from building and thus to keep it cooler. One of the major components of heat load on building is outside temperature, which is dynamic throughout the day (24 Hrs) and also throughout the year. Therefore degree of cooling is highly dependent on outside temperature & chilled water return temperature. Using modern dynamic controller & its conditional programming suiting to the given conditions, savings can be delivered. We provide complete hardware, software, and services solution that delivers the granular visibility, actionable analysis, and intelligent control capabilities to manage Chiller loads. The information captured about energy and facility environmental conditions enables insights and smart controls to fine-tune & deliver harmonized energy efficiency with additional capabilities for compliance to utility led DSM programs. On average 10-30% in energy savings, with a corresponding 18-24 month payback can be achieved.

Strategic Solutions

Annual Savings in Electricity, kWh : 2,36,101
Savings of Over all Energy Bill : 3.25%
Payback Period, Months : 14
Return on Investment : 86.35%

  • Monitoring device is employed to get live data on Supply, Return, Ambient & other temperatures and other parameters such as chiller current, power & specific user area temperatures, humidity, etc.
  • Computing control parameters.
  • Taking corrective actions.
  • Taj Group of hotels (12 locations)