Implementation of Energy Saving Projects and Delivering Energy Savings

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Energy Savings in Commercial & IT Sector

SEE-Tech Solutions pioneered in delivering over 20% energy savings in commercial buildings. Commercial buildings contributes to 56.1% of world’s Energy Consumption. As one unit of Energy savings is equal to 2 units of energy generated, this activity has potential of avoiding generation of 2015 MToE, as world’s total energy consumption is 8979 MToE.
Commercial buildings include Shopping malls, Multiplexes, IT infrastructure buildings, Large office buildings, etc.

Increasing energy efficiency not only allows individuals and organisations to reduce their capital and operational costs, is can also help lower fuel consumption and so reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and help prevent climate change. Commercial buildings can thus play a big role by achieving energy savings using energy efficient technologies and thus make their buildings Net Zero buildings

We can achieve Energy savings in commercial buildings by targeting utilities like HVAC, Pumping, Cooling tower, etc. Since these utilities are used for a longer period, savings can be achieved using proper energy efficient technologies.  

We at SEE-Tech monitor utilities and its performance on daily and monthly basis to keep the energy savings intact. Also, IOT based monitoring is done to measure performance of utilities and energy efficient technologies as and when required . 

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Strategic Solutions

  • Bill reduction utilizing tariff related issues
  • Power factor improvement
  • Optimization of Chillers, Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units
  • Use of Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Heat Load reduction of building
  • Exploring use of Solar Photo voltaic modules and Solar water heating
  • Improving efficiency in water pumping systems and pumps


Following are our implementation and study sites : 

  • MTNL Charai and Dadar, Mumbai 
  • W Building, MADC, MIHAN, Nagpur
  • SBI, Thane Belapur IT Division


Savings achieved in of the sites were as follows:

Air Conditioning : 20%

Building equipments : 12%

Computers, fans, UPS : 10%