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A web based application to facilitate process of energy cost minimization in a sustained manner.

Let’s Conserve, a web-based application, has been developed to facilitate process of energy cost minimization in a sustained manner.

It first create database for all forms of energy being used, prepares energy consumption and cost analysis, develops approach for specific energy consumption calculations at specific product as well as overall plant level and arrive at development of baseline for energy consumption at plant, processes and equipment level. Using Let’s Conserve one can evaluate and keep a track of operational energy efficiency of all major energy consuming units against practically achievable benchmarks. It then suggests ways and means to improve energy performance and thus reduce energy cost. It further takes you to the suppliers and implementers of energy conservation measures who can execute these projects so that you can get the results.

Thus Let’s Conserve not only makes you aware about energy performance of your equipments and processes and keeps an eye on energy cost saving opportunities for you but also enables you to find the implementing agency so that energy conservation is delivered to you in form of results.

In addition Let’s Conserve also provides you your Carbon Footprints and with each of the measures how your Carbon Footprints are minimized are also calculated and informed. So we welcome you to experience Let’s Conserve and do let us know your further expectations
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