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As seen in the figure below, laundry constitutes 12% of the total consumption and kitchen contributes 6% of the total consumption in a typical hotel. Figures may vary to some extent depending on size of hotel and outsourcing component of the laundry. Thus, laundry and kitchen both play a significant role in overall energy costs.

Working with hotel & hospital industry as our main clientele for about a decade, Energy Efficiency in operations of Laundry and kitchen has now an expertise of SEE-Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. We have worked in more than 12 Laundries and kitchen.

Energy Efficiency in Steamers, Driers, Calendar machines, are taken care of in laundries. For kitchens, use of efficient fuel technologies keeping in mind that culinary art is not disturbed in any way is the key to bring down cost of energy and keep the chef happy.

In laundries, HSD fired boilers are used to generate steam. Saving in HSD consumption by optimizing use of laundry equipments & by providing newer energy efficient technologies can be beneficial in lowering the energy costs in Laundries.
In kitchen, many new technologies are being used replacing the traditional fuels like LPG and coal. Induction cooking is highly efficient technologies that can be used in commercial kitchen which can bring significant savings in fuel consumption n commercial kitchens improving hygiene index of the kitchen to a great extent.

Strategic Solutions

Annual diesel consumption of Boiler : 214.77 KL
Measures taken : Otimization of Boler use
Savings Achieved : 15%
ROI : 41%

  • Study of existing Boilers used in Laundry systems.
  • Working out scope for boiler use optimization.
  • Substituting Boiler with new technologies eliminating use of HSD.
  • Using new and efficient technologies in commercial kitchen.
  • Taj Group of hotels
  • Jog Caterers, Nagpur