Buying new motors, here are reasons to go for IE-4 & IE5 Motors

Buying new motors, here are reasons to go for IE-4 & IE5 Motors

Indeed IE-4 & IE-5 Motors cost higher than IE-2 motors (normally chosen). However, we
actually pay for the electricity also which these motors consume, which is recurring and
substantially high, here are the reasons why we must buy only IE-4 & IE-5 Motors for motors
up to 45 KW.

  1. The difference in full load efficiency in IE-2 & IE-5 is very high (right end of the curve in
    the above graph) however at this difference is significantly higher. In most of the
    cases, a motor operates either at variable loads or at lower loading resulting into poor
    operating efficiency. This makes more sense to go for IE-5 motors especially when
    buying new motors.

*Data for 5.5 kW 4 pole Motor, IE-2 Motor as base case, IE5 motor price (inclusive of VFD), Tariff: Rs. 10/kWh, % Motor Loading 50 to 75%, Running hours 22 hours/day, Operation 300 days/year

  1. Incremental payback is less than 9 months for IE-5 Motor.
  2. Difference in the Life cycle cost for running the motors for 10 years explains the likely
    cost of mistake in our decision making.
  3. Normal perception is that capital costs are higher and operating costs are not but the
    recuring nature of the operating cost makes capital cost insignificant in case of

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