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Energy Savings in Hotel

In past much good energy cost reduction measures have been implemented in the hotel, which have resulted in obvious impact. However there was significant potential still available to reduce energy cost further, therefore it becomes important to strategically identify and implement major projects so as to significantly reduce the Energy Cost. Therefore it was strongly recommended that O&M with M&V of the Energy Conservation measures must be integral part of Energy Management Strategy & Policy of Indian Hotel Company Limited.

SEE-Tech being BEE accredited Grade-2 ESCO – meaning – “High ability to carry out energy efficiency audits and implement energy saving projects”, has 21 years of experience in identifying & implementing energy conservation measures. If needed, SEE-Tech is in position to take up these suggested projects for implementation along with Operation and maintenance (O&M) of the energy conservation measures along with monitoring and verification (M&V) of the savings to ensure desired results. Initially, analysis was carried out which focused on all the electrical energy consuming equipments, which includes Air Conditioning, Lighting, Hot water generator, Boiler and Tariff related matters for energy cost reduction.

During analysis, specific attempt was made to evaluate organization’s approach and infrastructure/ capacity available for energy cost reduction, results achieved so far and pathway ahead to maximize the gains from energy cost reduction opportunities. The analysis & recommendation were based on actual measurements, observed operational practices, collected data and our past 20 years of experience in field of energy conservation.

Identified Areas for Energy Cost Reduction in Electrical & Thermal Utilities for Implementation

Results were visible in actual implementation. Project was monitored and maintained for contract period with the help of dedicated team.