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Using Renewable Technologies

Savings by Solar Hot Water System & Water Quality Improvement

Saving in HSD cost is achieved by the use of a solar hot water system to Generate Hot Water. It is required to install a solar hot water system in parallel to the hot water generator. This will reduce present energy cost by almost 40-50% (i.e. HSD cost for Hot water generator by 40-50%).

Improvement in water quality by use of resins will reduce the amount of scaling producing in equipment doing this heat transfer rate of equipments will get increase hence reduction in power consumption of equipments such as chillers plants & cooling tower.

In addition, to this achieve maximum benefits by saving energy costs, other projects which were installed are as follows :

Performance improvement of De-superheater.
Hot water pipeline insulation improvement.
Performance optimization of Chiller.
Saving by replacing old pump with energy efficient pump.
Saving by implementing energy efficient lighting.