Minimizing Energy Cost in Telecom Sector

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Minimizing Energy Cost in Telecom Sector

SEE-Tech was appointed for Minimizing Energy Cost in a telecommunication building on BOOT basis. The overall work covered following phases:

1. Data collection & field study for conducting detailed energy audit.
2. Data analysis.
3. Energy Audit report preparation and submission to MTNL.
4. MTNL’s review of the analysis and recommendations and approval on the measures for implementation.
5. Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures.
6. Monitoring the Savings.
7. Continual Operation & Maintenance of Energy Conservation Projects.
8. During course of the contract, as and when a new energy conservation measure is identified steps from 3 to 7 were repeated.

Following were the projects identified and implemented :

Total Savings due to project implementation per year = Rs. 63,86,468 (9.18% of total energy cost)
Total Investment Required = Rs. 54,30,000
Total Monthly Savings = Rs. 5,32,206