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Hot water is an everyday need for commercial & residential buildings and industries. Usually, fossil fuels or electric geysers are used to heat water. These are inefficient ways of heating water resulting in CO emissions. Heat pumps use renewable energy from the environment like air, ground and water. They consume up to 70% less primary energy and therefore drastically reduce the pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels. Thus savings on installation of heat pump is evident. Heat pump installation is very popular these days, especially in the hospitality sector. But mere installation of heat pump does not guarantee savings in electricity. It needs proper monitoring and time preventive maintenance. All these is taken care by us efficient engineers at site to ensure the desired savings.

Heat Pump is one of the important Energy Efficiency technology. Heat Pump, so far our projects involved installation & operation of about 16 Heat Pumps of 100 to 300 KW (heating capacity) totaling to 2005 KW.

Strategic Solutions

Annual diesel consumption in Hot water Generator : 158.85 KL
Average requirement of hot water : 60 KL per Day
Installed Heat Pump in parallel to Hot Water Generator
Reduction in HSD cost for Hot water generator : 60%

• Performance evaluation of Hot water generator & Boiler
• Study of Specific Energy Consumption of present Hot Water System
• Procurement, implementation & commissioning of Heat Pump
• Monitor heat pump parameters and temperature of hot water regularly and maintain it
• Operation & Maintenance of the heat pump as required
• Monitoring & Verification of savings is done as per International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (“IPMVP”)

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