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Steel industries are highly energy intensive industries and processes are highly inefficient and non-standard. Profitability of these industries largely depend on energy costs. It is therefore very important to evaluate and identify the scope for energy efficiency. SEE-Tech has carried out energy use analysis in more than 100 steel industries varying from micro industries to large scale industries.

Strategic Solutions

  • Collect primary data to find out energy usage.
  • Study the existing plant process.
  • Carry out measurement and observations at all required locations.
  • Evaluate all the EE options available.
  • Recommend the best techno-economic options available.
  • Viraj Alloys Ltd.
  • Magna Industries ltd.
  • Ramsons Castings

Outcome of study at one of the steel industry :

Observation :

  • Major electricity is consumed by induction furnace which is about 62.14%.
  • Minimum electricity is consumed by grinders which are about 0.10% only.
  • Other electricity consumption is about 4.57%, in these mold conveyor, magnetic motor, knock out section are included.

Proposed EE Interventions :

  • Production Planning and Control
  • Lid on Furnace
  • Charging with Charging Bucket
  • Use of hand blower for cleaning instead of Compresed Air
  • Use of Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Total Savings : INR 4.52 Lacs/annum