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Knowledge about the tariff and billing methodologies used by electricity authorities is very important to derive at actions to be taken to reduce electricity bills. Many a times, users are not aware of how much extra they are paying in excess due to lack of expertise or how tariff guidelines can be used to lower the electricity bills by bringing in some operational changes.
In every state applicable tariffs and tariff structures are different and lot of changes take place from time to time. Detailed study of the tariff structure and staying updated with it can help in utilizing the knowledge to reduce monthly electricity bills.
These measures can be implemented without any capital investments and hence very lucrative. Some of these measures are as follows

1. Providing adequate reactive power compensation if applicable
2. Reducing MD/CD
3. PF Improvement
4. Utilization of TOD (Time of Day) tariffs

Strategic Solutions

Tariff Based Incentives (Load Factor) : Rs. 90.81 Lacs/annum
Total Savings: 5.4%

Reduction in HSD cost for Hot Water Generator : 60%

  • Study of tariff structure of electricity supply provider.
  • Study of chosen tariff structure applicability.
  • Opportunities to avail incentives and avoid penalties.
  • Measures to ascertain PF to unity.
  • Verification of bills after implementation.
  • Monitoring & Verification of savings is done as per International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (“IPMVP”).
  • Taj Group of Hotels
  • MTNL
  • Ashwini Kidney Dialysis & Research Centre