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With the boom of E commerce and retail sector, warehousing sector is growing rapidly, so are its challenges Because warehouses are usually neglected for implementing energy efficiency strategies, even though the cost savings can be significant. The two biggest energy consumers in a warehouse are lighting and temperature control (in the form of heating, cooling or refrigeration) and account for approximately 76 percent of total energy use making these systems the best targets for energy savings.

Strategic Solutions

  • Deploy competitive energy contracts.
  • Perform energy audits to identify energy conservation opportunities.
  • Evaluate and test new energy conservation technologies.
  • Increasing energy efficiency across the operations and integrating green engineering technologies and concepts into the projects.
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions.
  • Candico Industries, Nagpur
  • Perstorp Chemicals
  • Fresinius Kabi

For one pharma giant, following are our proposed savings for 3 warehouses at different locations :

  • Monthly Savings : Rs. 5,76,169
  • Monthly Lease Rent : Rs.3,45,702
  • Lease Rent Tenure : 60 Months