Implementation of Energy Saving Projects and Delivering Energy Savings

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Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry provide good opportunities for energy experts to work on as it it involves number of different processes, steam generation, dehumidification and air conditioning being the major ones. It comprises of Boilers & Cooling utilities like HVAC, Cooling Towers, etc as its major energy consuming areas. We implement these processes which helps us to reduce energy cost in pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic Solutions

Initial study involves following steps :

  • To evaluate energy performance of various equipment/ process with a view to identify thrust areas for energy conservation.
  •  Recommend remedial course of action for improvement of efficiency in process/equipment to reduce the energy consumption with cost considerations.
  • Quantify the extent of energy savings that can be achieved after analyzing the likely reasons for excess energy consumption based on the field measurements and data collection.
  • To provide the post audit Engineering/ consultancy/ advisory support for implementation of the energy conservation opportunities identified.

Improvement in performance/Energy efficiency through energy audit covers the following areas :

  • Review of Electricity Bills.
  • Transformer and Electrical Distribution System.
  • Capacitors : Performance Evaluation.
  • Motors : Performance Evaluation.
  • Study of Illumination System in workshop & Office Building.

Some of the Industries served

  • Pfizer Ltd, Thane
  • Perstorp Chemicals, Thane
  • Fresinius Kabi Ltd, Rajangaon, Maharashtra


For one pharma giant, following are our proposed savings :

  • The annual Energy bill : INR 49.61 Million per year
  • Electricity consumption of 4.54 Million kWh (Costing about INR 44.58 Million per year)
  • Furnace Oil consumption of 157.31 KL per year (costing about INR 5.026 Million per year)

Findings of the Detail Energy Assessment, major recommendations are as follows :

  • Electrical Energy Conservation Projects.
  • Improving Boiler Efficiency by Reducing Excess Air & Draft Losses.
  • Shifting to Briquette Based Boiler for Steam Generation.
  • Shifting from Steam Based Hot Water Generation to Heat pump based Hot Water Generation.
  • Total Savings : INR 1,413,878
  • Total Investment : INR 322,040
  • Payback Period : Less than 3 months