Implementation of Energy Saving Projects and Delivering Energy Savings

Delivering Profits & Sustainability Together

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Delivering Profits & Sustainability Together

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SEE-Tech's Energy Efficient
Motors (IE4 & IE5) program

Get guaranteed 15 - 25%
in Industries

SEE-Tech's Energy Efficient
Motors (IE4 & IE5) program

Get guaranteed 15 - 25%
in Industries

Energy Efficiency Vs Solar PV

Energy efficiency (EE) ROI is double of Solar PV. EE can save upto 20% of overall energy cost with payback of 2 years, then solar PV to save more, Capex is more & payback is at least 4 years.

Walkthrough Audit

Delivering fastest insights on EE Technologies, Saving potential & ROI in a day Build a vision & direction for energy cost optimization & sustainability for facilities

SEE-Tech’s EE Motors Program (IE4 & IE5)

Era of double digit savings in Motors has arrived with less than 2 years payback in many cases. These motors can deliver a Lifetime Value of 6 times more than the investment required. Financing option available.

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How We Work

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Delivering Sustainability & Profits Together

SEE-Tech has pioneered the art and the engineering of identifying and implementing energy cost saving projects with proven results. With its 25 years of experience and team size of 30+ consultants and engineers with AEA,CEA & CMVP qualifications, SEE-Tech identifies and delivers 20% plus savings in overall energy cost in industrial utilities and commercial buildings. We are technology as well as brand independent. We believe in developing the most customised solution for our customers which delivers good ROI, maximised savings with modern and proven EE technologies. We are CRISIL/ICRA rated BEE Grade-1 ESCO (2013-2019). Experience our Walkthrough Audit to explore what Energy Efficiency (EE) can do for you.

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Our Recent Cases

Case Study for Replacement of 2.2 KW Motor at Ganga Roller Flour Mills

During the study of power consumption of the plant, it was observed that most of the motors are working in under loaded condition. This under loaded condition also reduces the efficiency of the motor.

Retrofitting IE1/IE2 Motors with IE5

Energy Savings in Hotel

In past much good energy cost reduction measures have been implemented in the hotel, which have resulted in obvious impact

What We Offer

We offer techno-economically feasible solutions to reduce 15 -45% electricity costs using various
energy efficient products and its relatred services.

Plant/Facility walkthrough

It’s a one day walk through resulting into identification of key energy saving technologies in a fastest possible manner.

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Energy Audit

It’s more comprehensive, results into techno-economic feasibility of more energy saving technologies in most reliable manner.

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GHG Audit & SSA

Climate friendly buildings & manufacturing is an important agenda for many industry leaders.

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Tariff Based Measures

There are many ways to save on energy costs. This service deals with optimizing on cost of energy procurement be it electrical or thermal energy.

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Energy efficient motor program IE4 & IE5 Motor

These ultra-efficient motors (IE4 & IE5) are delivering double digit savings (10 to 20%) as compared to existing motors in most of the cases.

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Servo Motors

Such presses or machines require power for some time during the production cycles.

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Normal & High temp heat pump

Heat Pumps are highly efficient devices. COP (Coefficient of Performance) is efficiency equivalent term for heat pumps.

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Direct Mount Plug Fans & BLDC motor fans

For every utility, be it Chillers, Air Compressors, Pumps, Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters.....

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Utility EE Retrofit projects

There are many EETs which are process/equipment specific: such as Screw blowers (@ 1 bar for Aeration in ETP),....

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Other EE technologies

SEE-Tech Solutions has provided its services for…

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Delivery more than 20 % energy cost

SeeTech- Renewable Energy Projects

Webinar on How to save 10 to 30% in your electricity bill


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