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1. What is SEE-Tech Solutions main offering?

SEE-Tech Solutions mainly offer delivery of energy cost reduction by 15 to 40%. It involves various measures depending on type and size of facility

2. What is importance of Energy Efficiency?

Energy Efficiency helps in reducing energy costs with lesser capital costs and lower payback period. Improving energy efficiency of utilities and equipments have other benefits like reduction in down time and improving productivity

3. What is role of SEE-Tech in Energy Efficiency?

SEE-tech Solutions has been working in the field of Energy Efficiency for last 30 years and implemented/suggested energy efficiency projects for than 500 facilities. It provides end to end solution to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption of utilities like motors, compressors, pumps, air conditioning, boilers, furnaces, etc.

4. What will be benefit to clients if they go for Energy efficiency projects with SEE-Tech Solutions?

As end-to-end solution – i. e identification to implementation and monitoring thereafter is provided by SEE-Tech Solutions, clients can be assured to 15 to 40% energy savings.

5. What are methods of Improving Energy Efficiency?

There are innumerable energy efficiency technologies and new innovations are still going on. Energy efficiency can be improved on process level or equipment level. For process level improvement through study of the plant is required and person working on it should be well acquainted with the process. But equipment level improvement is easier and assured savings can be easily monitored. These methods include replacement with EE equipment or retrofitting of equipment. Some of these methods are Energy Efficient Motors, Energy Efficiency fans, Pump impeller change, Reduction in compressor losses.

6. How can SEE-Tech help in improving Energy Efficiency?

SEE-Tech first studies electricity bills and connected load. Then a site visit if required is conducted and offer is given. Once approved by client, SEE-Tech implements the project and ensures committed savings by monitoring it using IOT based platform SaveIT.

7. How is SEE-Tech different from others?

SEE-Tech is a brand independent ESCO and it provides end to end solution for reducing energy costs in addition to guarantee of savings

8. Whom does SEE-Tech work for?

SEE-Tech works for SMEs, commercial buildings, hotels, large industries

9. What is SEE-Tech’s Energy Efficient Motors Program?

SEE-Tech studies all motors connected in an industry and identifies those that can be replaced by energy efficient motors by conducting free of cost walk through survey along with energy saving potential. Then suitable energy efficient motors are procured and installed after confirmation. After installation if commited savings are achieved in pre-defined time period, motors are taken back and amount is refunded. Thus, client’s risk is minimized on investment. For details refer

10. Who are SEE-Tech’s main clients?

Taj Group of hotels, MTNL. TATA Capital, Cadbury, TVS-Lucas to name a few. For complete client list refer