Implementation of Energy Saving Projects and Delivering Energy Savings

Delivering Profits & Sustainability Together

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Delivering Profits & Sustainability Together

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Walkthrough Audit (Dipstick Survey)

offered free of any consulting charges Approach (Technical Specifications). Data collection on energy consumption & its usage (electricity bill, fuel consumption, list of connected load, process flow sheet etc).
Desk review of the data e-meeting with plant/facility team Site visit (travel & logistics to be provided by the users) Concluding meeting delivering saving potential, identification of energy saving projects, presenting simmilar case studies, few proposals to implement and way forward
As compared to conventional energy audits: It’s free of consulting charges & faster. Builds vision & direction for the companies to reduce their energy cost & carbon footprints. Helps in defining goals more realistically. Faster decision making and real actions on the ground.
One can expect identification of 5 to 25% savings area identification as an outcome of this exerscise. Schedule a free walk though audit

Detailed & Continued Energy Audit

offered free of any consulting charges to our customers Approach (Salient Features):- Outcome of Walkthrough Audit sets the path however detailed energy audit is required the get deeper insights & detailing. We believe to carry such detailed audits area wise so as to ensure implementation as outcome. Technological improvement are continuous, accordingly we believe such studies to be a continued exercise instead of one time. We achieve continuity of the purpose through digitization. Our IT platform Energinie helps us in achieving this objective. Comparison:As compared to conventional energy audits It’s free to any consulting charges It’s a continued exercise instead of one time work. It’s digitised. Every finding is on our common IT platform (Energinie) for our customers & us. Facilitates the complete journey from concept to commissioning of the energy saving projects.
Savings: We can expect identification of 10 to 25% savings projects with all the details needed along with proposals for implementation.

GHG Audit & Formulating the Road to Sustainability

Approach (Salient Features): A detailed inventory of GHG emissions for scope 1 & 2 is prepared. It works as a baseline for next steps. GHG emissions reduction projects are identified. These include energy efficiency and renewables with detailed feasibility. Roadmap is prepared setting the path for sustainability. Our ultimate target remains to help our customers achieve Net Zero Carbon or Net Zero Energy as per the applicable standards. We believe in delivering profits & sustainability together.
Comparison: It’s offered free of any consulting charges. Our proven background of identifying & implementing energy saving & renewable energy projects becomes very handy in delivering value to our customers. Results into seemless step by step implementation instead of just resulting into a report. It’s again continuous in nature instead of one time exercise. Savings (outcome): Overall & ultimate target is to achieve Net Zero Energy in a affordable and profitable manner. Yes, it’s possible.

Tarrif Based Measures & Open Access Options for Energy Cost Savings

Salient Features: Energy efficiency provides demand side options to reduce the energy cost whereas Tariff based measures provide supply side options. An overall approach is needed for any enterprise. Every utility (electricity supplier) has various tariff types and provisions for incentivising or penalizing the customers. These include Power Factor (PF), Contract or Sanctioned Demand vs actual usage, Load Factor (LF), Time of Day (TOD), Timely payment incentive, Harmonics and several others. These are evaluated, planned and delivered by our team. Open Access, Rooftop Solar & other renewable energy projects offers several opportunities for energy cost savings and GHG emissions reduction. We execute them in a transparent way for our customers. We also arrange finance. EMI is designed to be 70-75% of the savings so that there is positive cash flow for the customers.
Comparison: As we are a full service ESCo, our approach is holistic and not project/product/services selling. Every rupee invested, be it energy efficiency or renewables, it finally results into rupee savings. Hence every option competes with the other. Therefore it’s ROI first & project selection later.
Savings: These savings are in very wide range, can be from 1 to 5% in electricity tariff to 5 to 40% in open access/Solar rooftops. Exact savings need to be worked out seperately for every case.

Energy Efficient Motor Program (IE4 & IE5 Motors)

Salient features:
Replacing old inefficient IE1, IE2 & IE3 motors with Energy Efficient IE4 & IE5 motors is a very successful option to save energy ciots as demonstrated by our team in various industries. We provide financially feasible options for adaptation of IE4 & IE5 motors and Motor & VFD Warranties up to 3 years. EMI or Leasing options are also available (Subject to terms of the leasing/financing company). We excute these projects on turnkey basis with guaranteed savings.All the motors, pully, belts & VFD (if required) are selected, sized, and supplied by SEE Tech to achieve the guaranteed minimum savings of 5% to 23% of the motor input KW or payback period of 24 Months in many cases. We first demonstrate guaranteed savings by comparing the motor input power (KW) before (existing motor) and after (New EE motor IE-4 or IE-5). Working hours per year of the motors will be agreed upon and prefixed. SEE Tech will take the old motor at buyback/scrap value.
As we are a full service ESCo, our approach is holistic and not project/product/services selling If the minimum guaranteed savings are not delivered then, SEE Tech will take back the motor & VFD (supplied by us) and refund the amount towards the same.
Savings: Get savings up to 5% to 23% of the motor input KW or payback period up to 24 months in many cases