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Let us see why energy saving and conservation in healthcare is important?

Hospitals have to ensure that in no case health care quality should be compromised even if operating costs are increasing. Hospital buildings consumes significant amount of energy in its day to day activities. However because of increased load/areas of air conditioning and 24×7 nature of operation. Hospital buildings may be big or small in size but the consumption of energy is significant and growing. We have carried out several studies in past 20 years, it has been found that systematically implementing Energy saving and conservation in healthcare can reduce energy bill by 20% to 40% ,Therefore it also ensures electrical safety of hospitals is important and SEE-Tech takes care of it.

Strategic Solutions

  • Identify and explain increase or decrease in energy use through study of energy bill.
  • Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy.
  • Manage energy consumption by implementing energy conservation projects besides accepting it as a fixed cost that has no control.
  • Reduce energy costs from 20% upto 40% which increase profitability and market reputation.
  • Remote monitoring of consumption and alerting as and when required.
  • Inspect all the electrical wiring in the location for its condition and life for confirming to OISD 137, 144, 145-9.
  • To check the flameproof nature of all electrical equipments like DG set, lighting system, motors, Transformers etc.
  • To check the cable glands for their effectiveness.
  • Measuring earth resistance values for all equipments.
  • Confirmation of earthing & bonding of all equipment installation in line with IS 3043.
  • To improve Safety & Health in the workplace by providing safety trainings.

Following are our implementation sites in healthcare: 

  • Vaatsalya Group of Hospital, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka
  • LTMG Municipal Hospital, Mumbai
  • BYL NAIR Municipal hospital, Mumbai
  • Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur
  • Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Science, Pattansaongi, Wardha, Maharashtra
  • Avanti Institute of Cardiology, Nagpur
  • Centre Point Hospital, Nagpur
  • Ashwini Kidney Dialysis & Research Centre, Nagpur

Finally for a single hospital, following were the results :
Saving Potential Identified & Recommended : 29.24 %
All measures implemented

energy saving and conservation in healthcare