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Tips for Heat Pump Installation to get optimal energy savings

SEE-Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has installed their 31st heat pump, but did you know that savings can still be enhanced with better understanding of the present system? As an energy engineer, I have some tips to share:

1. Avoid selecting an air source heat pump when there is a chiller available, as the cooling generated by the heat pump reduces load on the chiller.

2. Part load performance can further improve chiller COP.

3. Better understanding and analysis of the chilled water network can help you avoid using an evaporator pump for the heat pump, as pressure differential may be available without an additional pump.

4. By carefully studying the log sheet for chiller water evaporator side delta T and correctly measured flow (verified with pump curves as well), you can make decisions to not to use a pump for the heat pump evaporator side.

These tips not only reduce capital cost and maintenance requirements but also improve chiller performance and savings. Energy Efficient Technologies are great, but a good energy engineer can make the results better, just like what icing does with a cake. Close coordination between OEMs and Energy Engineers is highly necessary for optimal savings.

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