Implementation of Energy Saving Projects and Delivering Energy Savings

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Why is it now the turn of motors to contribute to sustainability and reduce your GHG emissions and operating cost significantly?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. The highest amount of energy is consumed through motors (over 85% in most of the industries) and it’s long due to work on motors itself. Energy consumption in motors has become very important in the endeavors to make the plant NetZero energy. Motors are undoubtedly the highest energy savings opportunity.

2. IE3 efficiency motors provided marginal gain but now with IE4 & especially with IE5 efficiency motors, the savings are in double digits (10 to 25%) and the payback period is less than 2 years. Already demonstrated this in over 150 motor change retrofits.

3. A lot of work has already happened to improve energy efficiency in utilities (boilers, compressors, pumps, chillers etc). Further many of such projects have a lot of bearing on the operating parameters as well and sustenance of savings could be an issue in long term.

4. The biggest advantage IE5 efficiency motors (PMSM) bring on the table is over 90% plus efficiency at loading as low as 25%, meaning very high part load efficiency. So significant savings are guaranteed.

5. in many cases IE5 motors have been able to replace belt transmission. This has resulted in additional savings and bringing the payback period lower.

Interested to know more about the potential of IE5 efficiency motors for your plant, connect with me at and 9422145534.

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